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At Late to the Haight, I explore San Francisco, my home since 2010, and I also provide commentary on the life of an adventurer in the Baby Boomer tradition.
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Writer, Editor, Sunset Aficionado
About My Work

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I write and edit books, articles, web copy, blog posts, newsletters, media releases, direct mail copy and promotional handouts. 

clients include an acupuncturist, a theater company, a wildlife conservation organization, a massage therapist, several book authors, grocery store magazines, 
a theater awards show and the beautiful town of Gustavus, Alaska, just outside Glacier Bay National Park.

I have written 18 books for national and regional publishers, including 100 Things to to Do in San Francisco Before You Die (with Eve Batey), Eating St. Louis, Extreme Earth: Waterfalls, Chemotherapy and Radiation for Dummies and six children's nature books. I also have edited books and served as a ghostwriter.

For 23 years, I worked as a reporter and editor at the
St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
Currently, my articles appear in newspapers in San Francisco, in the Bay Area and in St. Louis and also in several magazines.

I’ve also had articles published in Southwest Airline’s Spirit Magazine, Toastmasters International, Family Fun, Northwest Parks & Wildlife and USA Today.

Since 2004, I have led writing workshops using the Amherst Writers Method.
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